Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Portfolio Feedback :25/02/2013 Joe Gilmour

Today I had a portfolio surgery with Joe Gilmour and found it really useful. My portfolio boards can be seen below, I've realised I need to really tailor and tweak my portfolio as in its current stages I wouldn't feel comfortable showing it designers or studios.

Things I took from the Crit;

-Make sure all your margins are accurate and stick to a specific gridding throughout the whole portfolio. At the moment you can see different spacing between my images which needs to be tightened up and aligned properly.

-Work to a Portrait format and concentrate on using big images that show a lot than lots of small images that show completely nothing.

-It has to flow as a whole body of work and keep the viewer interested so I need to knock out projects that dont expose the potential I have as a designer. As many printed examples of publications as possible so that the viewer can flick through and feel how a project has been put together rather than trying to figure it out from an image.

-Strong project at the front, 2nd strongest in the back, third strongest brief in the middle.

-Attach business card in the front and in the back, Make sure typeface is consistent and weight/size etc.

Portfolio Boards (To be completed)