Wednesday, 29 May 2013

OUGD303 : Submission form

OUGD303 : End Of module Self Evaluation

OUGD303 : Final Submission Boards

Brief 4 : Promotional Posters

OUGD303 : Final Crit Boards

The boards below are for my final crit and show the stages I'm up to with the current briefs I'm working through.

Brief 4 : Stock Choice + Page spreads + Publication devlopment

Context : Niel Donelly

Neil Donnelly makes books, posters, printed matter, interactive, identities, exhibitions, illustrations, etc. He has worked with the Guggenheim, the New Museum, Yale University, Domus, The New York Times, and Storefront for Art and Architecture, among others. He has taught courses and led workshops at Yale, SVA, MICA, Parsons, Rutgers, and Illinois, and he holds an MFA in graphic design from Yale.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Context : Onlab

“Onlab – specializes in graphic design with a compelling story to tell – is not an ordinary design studio. Based in Berlin, it both works with clients and creates its own books, and operates around a single philosophy: that design is a narrative that can change how people approach the world.”

The book documents experimental product design cooperations between university students and small or medium-sized businesses in Berlin. 

Within my practice I mainly work with illustration and image making but I am very passionate about publication design and the feel books. I really like Onlab because they execute briefs to their full potential paying close attention to layout.

Context : Tom Gilmour

Tom Gilmour is an artist from London, England. He specializes in hand drawn black and white illustrations. Producing artwork with juxtaposing morbid imagery, mixed symbolism and relentless linework. He finds his inspiration in native folk art, Asian patterns and early 80′s skateboard art.

Tom Gilmours work appeals to me because of the intricacy within his style of illustration, his influence from tattooing gives him a unqiue crisp approach to drawing.

Brief 6 : Devlopment

Below I've been putting together a CV sleeve to hold Beth's Vc's and important documents within her portfolio, sticking to the same theme I've used the diamond shape taken from her branding to produce a pattern to cover the front half of the sleeve.

Context : Neil Krug

Neil Krug is an American artist based in Los Angeles. 

Krug, in a creative collaboration with Joni Harbeck, 

founded Pulp Art Book, wherein his photography 
can be seen in limited edition prints, books, and films. 


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