Monday, 15 April 2013

Brief 4 : Manchester University Museum

This week I went to Manchester whilst travelling back to Leeds and visited the University Museum to look at there exhibit on Egypt. This provided some really good photographs and reference material to work and draw from in relation to mine and Oli's brief. 

I found the display completely fascinating, in terms of typography the Egyptians paid close attention to things like kerning and spacing between hieroglyphics and character sizes. It's so interesting to think that processes that are very important to typographers today were obviously understood over 2000 years ago. 

Whilst I was there I also got talking to one of the Museums leaders, who was currently finishing off a talk on sarcophaguses. I explained to him what me and Oli planned to cover during our brief, a in-depth theory that the pyramids were built in correlation to the star constellation orion. He explained to me that this is a really interesting theory because the Egyptians were accurate and renowned mathematicians and the skill in figuring out the angles of shafts within the pyramids is outstanding in terms of Math. However he alos explained that he thought there could be no connection between different cultures and other cultures with pyramids around the world because at that time the Egyptians wouldn't of known how to travel across continents. 

Pictures from my camera

Pictures from my phone