Monday, 13 May 2013

Brief 1 : Typeface Devlopment

Above I've been experimenting cutting type of out grip tape to be put through a roller with stock. The typeface is liberator but I intend on eventually creating my own typeface, I thought the textured nature of the grip-tape would come through when pressed in a roller to create a gritty effect, however this didn't work. I think to perfect this technique the sandpaper needs to be layered on top of mount board or card to add some height and weight to the embossing.

Below are some quick experimentes I put together taking simple forms to build up a pattern, I thought these could be a starting point for understanding how I can go about cutting into/editing my sandpaper with the laser cutter or other tools within woodwork. 

I've been working on a typeface to work alongside my skateboard realting to some of the traits I've been researching in relation to the northern skateboarding scene. The sharp lines and incline in the stems of the letters are to represent the sharp incline in velocity when a skateboard reaches its furtherst point of motion on a halfpipe. The rounded left edges are to represent the gritty nature of northern skateboarding, the 

I've been experimenting with a much more friendly curved typeface, with swooping stems link each letter together and are meant to represent the strength and unity within skateboarding groups/teams.