Monday, 13 May 2013

Competition Brief : Update

Just came across this Live competition brief I plan on completing, After dealing with other cultures in my Egyptian project I think this would be ideal, to continue working with subject matter that educates and moulds the way I think. 

Skopje International Poster Competition 2013

The 6th Skopje International Poster Competition 2013 is inviting you to consider if it's possible to establish a vision and way of thinking for the citizen of 2020. Imagine yourself as a citizen of the world in 2020 in Europe, Africa, Latin America, South America, Asia, China... and interpret your idea as a poster.

This topic can be described in different manner, which gives various options of interpretations, having on mind the problems and prospects facing us on the way to our future.

Young people need a chance to express their thoughts, their potentials and capabilities, as well as a place where they can provide common values. This project should help them combine this with the concept of the citizen in 2020 and support their wish to spread the ideas and expectations.

Team entries are not allowed. Each participant may enter a maximum of three posters.

There is no entry fee.


All students worldwide from the faculties/academies/colleges of fine arts, design and visual arts are invited to enter this poster competition.


Three equal prizes will be awarded to the best 3 poster designs with 500 Euro (approx. 650 USD) each + 7 honorable mentions.

Moreover, selected posters including the winning designs will be exhibited in Skopje, Macedonia, 1-6 October, 2013 as part of the Skopje Design Week.