Sunday, 12 May 2013

Brief 4 : Laser cut Plaque

I went to laser cutting this week and experimented with a similar technique to etching my hieroglyphs  using the heavy raster function on 6mm mdf I created grooves in the wood that would be suitable as a tester to print from. In the same fashion as using wooden block type or lino tile I reflected my design on a horizontal axis and laser cut the wood to be coated then printed. My results are below.

The first set of images were printed using quink ink and acrylic white paint, I found that the ink soaked into the wood far too much and the results were much too blotchy. Also It definitely proved to me I needed a new set of rollers.

After experimenting with quink ink I got some proper rollers and some thick lino printing inks to use as an alternative  I found my technique hard to perfect, as the texture of printing inks constantly changed because of the nature of the wood soaking sections up. Originally I started printing with the wood face down onto the stock but as my results weren't too accurate I switched this method around placing the stock onto the wet wood, face up. This gave me much better results, however I think as an overall printing process this works fantastically to gain small blemishes and textures within print, but type becomes illegible and hard to read.

spray paint + lino inks