Monday, 13 May 2013

Brief 6 : Business card development & Identity

I've been developing Beth's Identity trying to remain to the key rules I've set out below:

-Serif typeface, feminine curves, elegant letters.

-Bright bold stock to represent the sort of photographs she takes. 

-30% removal of stems of letters to relate to behind the scenes photography. 

-Extensions to crossbar of certain characters to emphasise her delicate character. 

Below are a collection of Beths Photographs;


I've been experimenting with the typeface Otama, working with Beth Owen as her title, I want her first name and surname to flow into each other creating a link between the two words and a focus point in the centre of her branding. I've removed 30% of each side of the title I've been working with, so that when die cut her business cards and theme to her branding will sit within a parallelogram. I removed the same angle and percentage from the W following the 0 to keep the angle and direction of the eye focused on the sections that have been removed.