Thursday, 24 January 2013

Proposed Briefs : Branding & Identity

Throughout this module I want to heavily focus my practice on branding and Identity as I think my skills lie within client led design. I want to be a Graphic Artist who works with branding Identity Illustrations and publications so by selecting the four briefs below I will dedicate a lot of my time to branding whilst working with other creative people from around the college.  I've made sure that the briefs I've derived all have similar but very different outcomes, for example My print with Beth Owen (photographer) wants me to look into printing on plastic where as my brief for fashion designer Georgina Fay Verity wants me to look into holograph printing and look book design. 

The first branding brief is with the photographer Beth Owen who in return is photographing my work ready for my portfolio and website. She concentrates her work on backstage photography and finer macro close up shots. She wants mr to produce a logo and identity, business card/token and photographic sleeve. 

Georgina Fay Verity:

Rob Garner Rugby Coaching:

Garner and Sons Security: