Thursday, 24 January 2013

Proposed Briefs : Competition

Alongside my personal briefs I've selected the competition briefs below, to help to fill my portfolio and give me lots of smaller briefs that I can work on over a long period of time and turn around reasonably quickly. The other briefs i've chosen are rather weighty and will taken up 3/4 weeks of my time period given but these briefs will run for a length of 3-4 days to a week, helping me to keep up momentum and motivation offering short spurts of new subject matter.

The 4 briefs below are all reasonably similar, and work with the same outcomes, they're short poster competitions I thought would help me with constant development of image making in the process of becoming a graphic artist. The companies they are for are;

-Posterheroes Social Communication Contest

-BICeBĂ© 2013 International Poster Call

-2nd International Reggae Poster Contest 2013

-Poster For Tomorrow 2013

Below is an ISTD brief chosen to help me develop my typographic knowledge and skills within developing a typeface. Type is something I haven't neglected in the past 2 and a half years but instead I've focused mainly on working with image, type skills are essential and I've chosen this brief to help me to build some good examples of type manipulation for my portfolio. 

The brief wants you to create a typographic experience that brings your chosen unsung heroes and heroines to life in a submission supported by high quality research and intellectual rigour. I want to look into online heroes, and how popularity and people being put under the spotlight from the internet, researching into hackers that have released information for the moral good of others, heroes that don't get mentioned.