Thursday, 24 January 2013

Proposed Briefs : Personal Briefs

I've split my FMP proposal into 4 different types of brief; Personal, Collaboration, Competition and branding and identity. Below are my personal briefs, written to work alongside competitions and collaboration but be a continuation of my personal development as a designer. 
The first brief is the most open out of the three briefs I've written as I want my ideas concepts and final products to be completely derived from an informed design process rather than pre-concieved ideas that naturally happen when brief writing. I've written this brief almost to trick the way I think and keeping my starting point rather broad. This is a typographic response from a series of research into data processing.

Below is a brief I've written which will be a short 3 week brief run alongside my other projects, but I've chosen a subject matter to really get me interested. I'm excited by educating people with weird and usual facts, so I thought picking a subject I could really get my teeth into would help. I aim to produce an informative publication/pack working with 2 colours to educate people of unusual extinct animals and creatures you could almost never imagine roaming the earth. I've written this brief so It gives me a chance to go back to areas such as screen print and laser cut whilst working mostly with image making.

This last brief is a personal extension of a brief completed before Christmas, were I designed and produced my own clothing company looking at garment printing and working with fabric. The brief below is an extension of this, continuing my progression with screen print but exploring how the online promotion and presence of company can impact the way they grow and prosper.