Thursday, 24 January 2013

Proposed Briefs : Collaboration ( Development )

To balance out my competition briefs and personal briefs I've decided to work with Oliver Cassell on a collaborative project looking at the relationship between megalifts (pyramids) and the constellations. We aim to produce a 3/4 week brief as a series of publications, each derived to a certain culture and their relationship with pyramid constructions. This brief will be a publishing and editorial brief derived from well conducted research, and will give me a chance to work with a range of print processes specifically looking at spot varnish and foil blocking. 

I've started doing research Into the pyramids of Giza, and looking at facts that you wouldn't necessarily be taught in school, uncovering documents and published articles about unusual chambers alignment with the stars and architecture. I've mainly been working in my sketchbook and on paper as seen below.