Thursday, 24 January 2013

Proposed Briefs: Collaboration Initial Ideas/drawings

Looking at the relationship between pyramids around the world and their relationship with the star constellations I've started to produce some of the initial Ideas below. I've been looking into interesting facts about the Pyramids of Giza and their architectural structure, finding out about Egyptian God's and theories behind the building of these amazing structures. I've mainly been working in my sketchbook jotting down notes and recording different bits of information that I think may be appropriate for out brief.

Sketchbook Pages;

I started to work digitally with some photo collage, cutting and pasting bits of images to produce some artwork. I've been trying to work digitally after spending most of the week concept building and drawing in my sketchbook. I wanted to create a 3 colour screen print to give me the chance to experiment with spot varnishes before starting our brief. Defining a specific approach to work in across the breadth of the brief means I'll have a head start in the production of illustrations for our publication.

 After working digitally I decided to take my image to print, giving me the chance to experiment with the idea of spot varnishes with the use of foil blocking. I separated out my image into three layers of black print, the first layer to be run through the guillotine with my selected foil block only then to be put back through the printer for the other layers of black to be printed around the foil. I'm happy with my results so far However some of the foil stuck to areas I didn't want it to stick to, this is something that could be corrected by using more block shapes rather than a halftone. The halftones fine nature means that the foil doesn't bond with the ink as well.